Meet Tevin Studdard: The homegrown musical talent behind the viral Long’s Bakery music video

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After blowing up with a video about donuts, Studdard is using his talents to help other Indianapolis businesses.

Many Hoosiers were ecstatic when Long’s Bakery finally reopened after the pandemic. But no one captured that sentiment better than musician Tevin Studdard.

His lyrics, beat and flow raked in more than 800,000 views across YouTube, Twitter and multiple Facebook pages.  

“I blew up on a donut rap,” said Studdard, smiling.

“It’s just something different. (Music) doesn’t have to be all struggles and sadness. It can be fun. Music is a getaway. There can be some humor to it there can be some fun to it,” he added.

Studdard said he grew up in a musical family that was involved in church choir.

“My uncle used to drive from 30th and Sherman to 30th and Fall Creek and would be, like, ‘Rap about everything you see and that was every weekend,’” said Studdard.

He said this helped him cultivate his skill and talent and that music was also there for him during one of the most difficult times in his life.

“I had a cousin that was killed outside my grandma’s house when I was in school. It was kinda just a defining moment for me,” said Studdard. “That was a time I was really depressed like I ended up at that time dropping out of school and (music) was where I could find hope. It was an outlet of expression for me. And I was, like, ‘OK, use this music for not only for a purpose bigger than yourself but to help other people.'”

So he went after his dreams with veracity.

“It’s like the worst they could tell me is ‘no.’ If you got the dream inside of you, work your behind off for it,” said Studdard describing his go-getter mentality.

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